b. 1956 Korea

Lives and Works in New York

Pratt Institute, New York, M.F.A. 1983           

Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea, B.F.A.     1979     




2017     Arthur Berger Gallery, Manhattanville College, Purchase, New York 

            “MikyungKim :  Temporarity  (1979 – 2017)”

2015     Nabi Museum of Art, New Jersey “Interplay”

2012     Hankan Gallery, Seoul,   Korea,” Mindscape”

2011     New Gallery at Ann Felton Center,  OCC,  Syracuse  “Pile-Strata”

2009     Bank Asiana, New Jersey, Site-Specific Wall Installation

            “Interplay/Moon, Body and Earth”

2001     Edward Williams Gallery,  Fairleigh Dickinson University,  New Jersey

            “Installations and Drawings of Mikyung Kim”

1995     Gallery 9, Seoul, Korea  “Recent Works of Mikyung Kim

1990     Seomi Gallery, Seoul, Korea  “Recent Installations”

 1988    Architecture Windows, New York  “Wall Installations”

 1986    Broadway Windows, New York University , New York,  Game”

 1985    John Jay College, New York “Myth and Game”

1983     71 Broadway,  Lower Manhattan Cultural Council,  New York


2017     BCNA Art Benefit Exhibition, 524 West 26 St. New York

 2016    Gallery d’Arte, New York  “Year End Art Show”

 2014    Belskie Museum of Art & Science, New Jersey “Confessions”

 2014    Gallery Korea, New York

            “The Lineage of Vision” Progress through Persistence

 2014    Elga Wimmer-Hyun Contemporary, New York “Pixel”

2013     Gallery Korea, New York ”Coloring Time” (1955-1989)

             An Exhibition from the Archive of Korean-American artists, Part One

 2011    Gallery Maum, New York ”Beautiful Dream World”

2011     Gallery 1 & 9, New Jersey  “Year End Art Show”

2011     Sylvia Wald & Po Kim Art Gallery,  New York  “Breathing”

2010     Korea Press Center, Seoul, Korea “G 20 Summit World Artist Festival”

2010     Sungnam Art Center, Seoul, Korea

           “Bundang International Art Show – An Esthetic Of Unity” 

2010     Sejong Center, Seoul, Korea

           “GIAF  (Gwanghwamoon International   Art Festival)”

2010     Gallery Maum, New York “ Inaugural Exhibition ” 

2010     Sylvia Wald & Po Kim Art Gallery, New York “ Into the life”

 2009    Korus House, Embassy of the Republic of Korea, Washington DC

            “Invitational 2009 ”

 2009    Space World, New York, “Yes, we are connected.”

2008     Gallery Oms, New Jersey  “Between Sources” 

2008     Swiss Institute, New York, “Silent Auction”      

2008     Closter Art Studio, New Jersey, Three-Women Show “Insight” 

2008     Nahrah Gallery/Art & Design Gallery “Invitational”

2008     Closter Art Studio, New Jersey, Inaugural Show “Fifteen Hands”

2007     Artist Commune, Hong Kong,  Hong Kong Arts Development Council

            “Cursive: Mixed Media Art Exchange Exhibition”               

 2007    Permanent Mission of the Republic of Korea to the United Nations, NY  

            “Korea Transfer” 

2006     Asian American Arts Centre, New York 

           “Three Women Artists / Spiritual Practice”

 2006    Gallery Korea, Korean Cultural Service, New York

            “Spi-Ritual:Three Artists”

 2005    University of California, Irvine, CA

            “FALLAYAVADA: Bahc Yiso Project and Tribute “

 2005    Ssamzie Space, Seoul, Korea “Open Studio Exhibition”

 2004    Gallery Jung, Seoul, Korea “Dots, Circles, Seoul-New York”

 2003    Gallery Korea, Korean Cultural Service, New York

            “At the Crossroads, Twenty Contemporary New York Artists

2003     Space World, The Segye Times, New York “100 Years, 100 Dreams”

2002     Parker Gallery, New Jersey “26 Metro Artists”

2001     Northern Westchester Center for the Arts, New York “Anything goes”

 2001    Art Omi, The Fields, Sculpture Park, New York

            “Modules: Image in the Landscape”

 2000    Pratt Institute, New York “Cross/ Concurrent”

 1999    Gallery Korea, New York

            Sponsored by Pratt Institute & Korean Cultural Service

 1998    Space World, New York “Meaning and Metaphor”

1998     Steuben East Gallery, Pratt Institute, New York

            “Footsteps since 1977

 1995    473 Broadway, New York

             “File No. 1, Conceptual Documents for Impossible Art”

 1995    Plexus, 12 St. Marks Place, New York

 1994    Brooklyn Union Gas Gallery, New York “New Visions”

 1992    Gallery Korea, New York, Korean Cultural Service “Signals

 1992    National Museum of Contemporary Art, Kwachon, Korea

            ”New Acquisitions 1992”

 1991    National Museum of Modern Art, Mexico City, Mexico 

            “Contemporary Art of Korea”

 1991    Haenah-Kent Gallery, New York “24 Korean Artists in New York”

 1991    Sonje Museum of Contemporaary Art, Kyungjoo, Korea

            “Inaugural Exhibition”

 1991    Kumho Museum, Seoul, Korea “Korean Contemporary Art”

1989     Blum Helman Warehouse, New York “China

 1989    Art in General, New York “Constructed  Painting

 1989    Frank Bustamante Gallery, New York

            “Color, Form and Aesthetics ’89”

 1988    Bronx Museum of Art, New York “Artist in Marketplace”

 1988    Virdian Gallery, New York

 1988    Asian American Arts Centre, New York “Public Art in Chinatown”

 1986    Arsenal Gallery, New York “Patterns of Nature”

 1985    Museum of the Hudson Highlands, New York

 1984    Keily Hall Gallery, Queens College, New York “The Ways of Wood”

 1984    BACA’s Downtown Cultural Center, New York “In Profile”

 1984    Pratt Institute, New York “100 Years Show”

 1984    Art on the Beach, New York, Sponsored by Creative Time Inc. 

            “For Distant Viewing”

 1984    P.S. 122 (Painting Space 122), New York, Two-Person Exhibition

 1983    Brooklyn Army Terminal, New York “Terminal New York”

 1983    Caidoz, New York “Catchwords

1983     Basement Workshop, New York, Two-Person Exhibition

1982     Museum S. Egidio, Rome, Italy “Synthesis of Artists’ Work”

 1982    Brooklyn Museum, New York “New Dimensions in Clay”


2014     Korean Cultural Service, New York       “The Lineage of Vision”,

            Heesung Cho, Andrew Weinstein, Kyunghee Pyun, Exh. Catalogue

2013     Artspiral,  New York

           “An Essay on the Art of Mikyung Kim” Robert Lee,

2013     Panelist at Christopher Henry Gallery, New York

             Part of New Museum Idea City Festival  “ Space – Time: Presence” 

2012     People Today, Korea, Minjung Lee, Review  “Today Artist” July 

2012     Artist Talk at Hankan Gallery, Seoul, Korea

2011     Artist Talk at Ann Felton Multicultural Center at OCC

             Syracuse, New York

2011     The Korea Times, New York, Nohryo, April 4

2011     Open Studio and Artist Talk, Organized by Ahl Foundation, New York

2010     The Korea Times, New York, Nohryo “Artist’s Studio” Dec.13 

2010     2010 Bundang International Art Show, Exh.Catalogue, Seoul, Korea

2008     The Korea Daily, New York, Jong Won Park

            “New York Korean Artist Series”

2007     Yale University Press with Fifth Floor Foundation, New York

             “A New York Drawing Collection at Work, 1991-2006”

2007     Guest Lecturer, Parson School of Design, New York

             “Korean Contemporary Art”

2007      Yu Rack, Hong Kong, Cursive/East and West, May 23 

2007      Permanent Mission of the Republic of Korea to the United Nations

             NewYork  “Korea Transfer; 13 Korean Artists in New York”

             Yu Yeon Kim, Exh. Catalogue

2006     Artist Talk at Asian American Arts Centre, New York, ,

            “Three Women: Art and Spiritual Practice” Robert Lee, Ex. Brochure

2006     The Korea Times, New York “Transcendence of Eastern Mind”, June 8

2005     Ssamzie Space, “The Open Studio Exhibition” Exh. Cat.

2004     Ssamzie Artist in Residence, Seoul, Korea

2003     Gallery Korea, Korean Cultural Service, New York

            Wolhee Choe “At the Crossroads: Punctuating Paradox” Exh. Cat.

2003    Space Worlds, The Segue Times, New York         

            “100 Years, 100 Dreams” Exh. Cat.

2003     The Korea Times, New York, Jinhae Kim

            “Exhibitions of the Week” November 15

2000     Korean Cultural Service, New York “Confluence of Cultures”, Exh. Cat.

1998     The Segye Times, Okgi Kim, New York

            “At the Space Gallery: Art Review” November 20

1998     Asian Art Institute, New York “Public Art in China Town” Exh. Cat.

1996     Art Asia Pacific, Vol. 3, No. 3, Yuyeon Kim, Sidney, Australia

            “In the Eye of Tiger”

1996     Space, Honghee Kim, Seoul, Korea

            “Artist to note, World of Kim, Mikyung’s Art”, April

1996    Monthly Art Magazine, Honghee Kim, Seoul, Korea “Reviews”, January

1996     Gana Art, Yu Yeon Kim, Seoul, Korea

            “Korean Modern Art in Multiculturalism”March/April

1995    Gallery Nine, Seoul, Korea                          

            Cynthia Nedelman, “Recent Works of Mikyung Kim” Exh. Cat.

1992    Gallery Korea, Korean Cultural Service, New York             

            Yu Yeon Kim, “Signals” Exh. Brochure                           

1991    Son Je Museum of Contemporary Art, Kyungjoo, Korea

           “Inaugural Exhibition of Korean Contemporary Art”, Exh. Cat.

1991     Space, Seoul, Korea “Reviews”, December

1991    Ovaciones, Ruth Caballero, Mexico City, Mexico

           “Oriente en Occidente”, March 12

1991     Cho Hyung Art, Seoul, Korea “Reviews”

1990     Monthly Art Magazine, Seoul, Korea     Mo Bahc

           “Issues of the Art Exchange in New York and Seoul”

1990    Gallery Seomi, Seoul, Korea     

            Erik Furubotn “Recent Installations of Mikyung Kim”, Exh. Cat.

1989     Voice, New York, Kim Levin “Open Doors”, November 14

1989     Space, Seoul, Korea “Artist’s Note”, December

1988     New York Times, William Zimmer

            Market place joins Artists Seminar at Bronx Museum” January 31

1988     Manhattan Arts, Vol. 1, No 3, July 15-August 15, Miles Unger

           “Artopia : juried Exh. Curated by Lisa Phillips

1988     Bronx News, June 16 “Art show Depicts Works of Emerging Artists”

1988     Bronx Press Review, June 9

            “Eight Annual Exhibition on Emerging Artists Opens”

1984     Jung Ang Press, January 29, New York “Reviews”

1984     New York Magazine, July 30, Kay Larson “Sculpture in the Sand”

1984     Prospect Press, Oct 11-24, Joyce Anne Houston

              “Women in the Arts, ‘In Profile’ Show”

1983     New York Times, September 30, Grace Gluck “At Brooklyn Terminal”

1983     New York Times, July 28, Grace Glueck “Art on the Beach”

1982      Above Midtown/Downtown, New York

              “Black Current”, fall, Volume 2, No. 1